Who will represent cyclists on the Road Safety Advisory Council?

Vulnerable Road Users

Well it seems we will not know until after the appointment of an interim Commissioner of Road Safety around the middle of 2015 according to Gary Hamley, the Honourable Liza Harvey, Minister of Road Safety Chief of Staff.

I wrote to the Minister and blogged on the importance of the appropriate group and person being appointed to the Council to represent vulnerable road users, pedestrian and cyclists back in March 2015. This is a historical moment for cyclists and this is the first time we will get a voice; we need to get this right.  In my letter to the Minister I argued for the appointment of Westcycle and strongly against the RAC WA having any role to play.

Well I didn’t expect to be agreed with or to be advised that WestCycle has indeed been appointed so I am not surprised by the non-committal response from the Minister’s Office.  In summary Mr Gary Hamley wrote in reply to my letter:

I appreciate that WestCycle is the peak body representing the interests of a large number of cycling associations and organisations in Western Australia and its commitment to improving road safety for one the [sic] most prominent vulnerable road user groups, cyclists, is commended.

It is anticipated that an interim Commissioner of Road Safety will be in place by 1July 2015 [sic] to begin implementation of the recommendations of the Review of Road Safety Governance in Western Australia. It is at this point that determinations in respect to the membership of the Road Safety Advisory Council will be able to be considered and I will pass on our correspondence to the interim Commissioner upon their appointment.

So we wait. In the meantime please consider adding your voice to the call for a suitable representative of bicycle riders and pedestrians on the Road Safety Advisory Council. We need to be heard, we need to be represented by a strong informed advocate for the safety of vulnerable road users. It is time to shift the focus of the Council and the Minister from car safety to people safety.

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