Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Owner Review

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket

The Uniqlo Men’s Ultra Light Down Jacket – Item Code 156558 is a recent addition to my ultralight bikepacking system. It replaces a Outdoor Research Down Jacket which weighs in at 500 grams. The Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket with stuff sack weighs in at 266 grams (size large), a nice saving of 234 grams.  I may save a further 5.5 grams and more compression by swapping out the stuff sack for a Zpacks small cuben stuff sack.

Initially this is my first impressions on the jacket. I will update this post following further use.

Initial Impressions of the Uniqlo Men’s Ultra Light Down Jacket

Product Information

Manufacturer:  Uniqlo Co. Ltd
Model: Men’s Ultra Light Down Jacket
Product Code: 156558
Size Reviewed: Large
Manufacturer’s Weight: Not provided
My Weight: Jacket – 257 grams
Stuff Sack – 9 grams
Total Weight – 266 grams
Packed Size: Approximately
Purchase Price: AU$89.90

Product Description

Uniqlo describe the Ultra Light Down jacket thus:

This warm down jacket is incredibly thin and lightweight. An aluminum film lining adds extra warmth. The outer lining resists water, and water-repellent thread prevents moisture from entering through seams. We gave this jacket a sleek silhouette that fits nicely over a shirt or under a jacket. A high collar and elastic at the cuffs and waist keep out cold wind. Carries easily in its compact pouch.

It is meant to be 90% down with a minimum of 10% feathers.

My first impressions confirm Uniqlo description of the Ultra Light Down jacket as being incredibly thin. There is no puffing up of the jacket happening here. The weight of 257 grams also reflects the lightweight nature of the jacket.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket Packed in its Stuff Sack

The jacket comes with its own stuff sack (9 grams) and with the jacket in the stuff sack (easy fit) it measures approximately 23cm x 13 cm. Further compression is probably possible with say  a Zpacks Cuben Small stuff sack. The Zpacks small stuff sack measures 15 cm x 13 cm and weighs 3.5 grams.

The aluminum film is not detectable and not having an earlier version of the jacket means I cannot get a feel for the level of extra warmth or not. That said I would not describe this jacket as being a super warm jacket. It has a claimed fill power of 640 or higher (product tag). I tried out the jacket in the house with the temperature dropping down to sub 10 C. I was only wearing a Uniqlo Heattech V Neck T-Shirt underneath it. It did a reasonable job of keeping me warm, but not toasty. I wouldn’t want to be outside or camping at much lower temperatures without warmer layer under the jacket.

I am losing weight fairly rapidly, around 1.3 kg a week over the past 18 weeks so I don’t have a “normal” close size at the moment to properly compare the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket. Being risk averse  I went with the size large whereas I tend to wear office shirts size XL.  I find the jacket size a touch on the large size which would allow for wearing thicker under lays and close the air gap that is in play.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket Wrist Cuff

The elastic at the cuffs is comfortable for me, however there is no noticeable elastic at the waist and no way to tighten the jacket. I will see how this plays with further wear.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket Main Zip

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket Pocket

The jacket has two 15 cm zip hand pockets, the only pockets. The zips are very light which I suspect will require careful use. I will report back on how these wear.  There is a thin baffle behind the main zip.

The jacket does not have a hood.


2 Responses to Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Owner Review

  1. William Stephenson 19 July 2017 at 12:23 PM #

    I’m thinking of adding this to my pack soon. I don’t have a down jacket at all, and can’t bring myself to buy one of the larger Macpac Halo jackets that seem to be really good. How has this jacket treated you? Do you find that it repels water well enough? Do you regret not getting one with a hood?

  2. Andrew Priest (Aushiker) 21 July 2017 at 2:09 PM #

    I am okay with it as my “home” jacket and one I wear around town but I have decided it is simply not warm enough for me when out bikepacking or the like. I haven’t really had any significant water experiences with it so cannot comment on that aspect.

    As to the hood, I am not a hood fan so not bothered with not having one.

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