Cyclists Action Must Also Be Policed Says Denise S Cahill, Editor, Fremantle Gazette


The above opinion piece, was penned by Ms Denise S. Cahill, Regional Editor at the Community Newspaper Group [a News Corporation masthead which it seems reflects News Corporation ethos] and published in the Fremantle Gazette [and possibly other Community Newspaper publications] on November 7,2017. I felt such an ill-informed commentary couldn’t go unanswered and hence posted the following response on the Fremantle Gazette’s website.  I have since written a reply to a letter by Mr Frank Granger of Applecross a known disliker of bicycle riders and a serial letter writer. Interesting that letter has not been published by the Fremantle Gazette. Have I upset Ms Denise S. Cahill? 🙂

For the record I am publishing my response to Ms Denise S. Cahill as I don’t believe such a view can go without a response, more so in a world of false facts.

It is very disappointing that Ms Cahill has not bothered to address her understanding of the Western Australia Road Traffic Code before she felt it necessary to comment. I hope Ms Cahill takes appropriate steps to get informed before driving a motor vehicle again.

I am referring here on her comment “to give way to the right out roundabouts.” To my knowledge there is no such rule in the Road Traffic Code 2000 [latest version is dated November 1, 2017]. The relevant part of the subsidiary legislation is Part 9 Roundabouts. I suggest a read of same . That said I draw your attention in particular to regulation 95. Right of way in a roundabout which is the actual regulation you should be familiar with. It states, “A driver entering a roundabout shall give way to a vehicle that is within the roundabout.”, not to your right, but to vehicle[s] in the roundabout. A significant and important distinction.

That all said as person who chooses to ride a bicycle [and oh drive a motor vehicle] the most dangerous intersection type I encounter in my riding is a roundabout. In particular the MGIF [Must Get In Front] as I approach the roundabout attitude prevalent in our driving community and secondly the failure to actually act in accordance with regulation 95. It got so bad with one particular roundabout on my daily commute where the risk of injury or worse was so extreme that I ended up fitting cameras to my bike and reporting the worse of the offending drivers. Thankfully this was one area of driver behaviour the WA Police actually acted on and fined the drivers.

Regretfully it does not change the behaviour of other drivers and no I didn’t have a realistic alternative route option, not that should matter. It is NOT HARD to drive your motor vehicle responsibly and safely and with due care to others.

So Ms Cahill, no I don’t need to change my behaviour as I don’t endanger motor vehicle operators, they endanger me. Your comment on people riding bicycles putting motorists at risk is simply not supported by facts.

As to your other comments about cyclists behaviour. Lets focus on just one point: In the past 12 months according to BITRE [September 2017] data 31 cyclists, 160 pedestrians and 1,046 motor vehicle occupants [including 226 motorcyclists] where killed on Australian roads. To my knowledge not one pedestrian, driver, passenger or motorcyclist was killed in that period by a person riding a bicycle, yet the research and past commentary by senior police officers indicates that approximately 80% of incidents involving people riding bicycles where the fault of motorists. 

Sadly in the last few days we have been reminded of this with the hit and run of 13 year old girl riding a bicycle.

So no Ms Cahill, my behaviour as a cyclist does not have to change to justify the introduction of safe passing laws. I suggest instead you reflect very carefully on where the significant problem lies; who is doing the killing of those 1,046 people? Who is destroying families? Finally and most importantly your own values. 

My choice, anyone’s choice of transport should have no bearing whatsoever on your attitude towards them. They are people Ms Cahill, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They have as much right to get home to the families safe and sound as you do.

I hope you reflect carefully on this going forward and I hope in future that the Community Newspaper Group ensures “Our Opinions” are factually based.

One Response to Cyclists Action Must Also Be Policed Says Denise S Cahill, Editor, Fremantle Gazette

  1. Robin King 22 November 2017 at 9:19 AM #

    Yep Roundabouts: 3 cyclist people I know have been hit by cars in roundabouts.
    I have had a near miss where I ended up in the gravel with a roo bar brushing my backside. The driver turned out of a servo, and was only looking for cars, not bikes. He did stop to give him credit he did realise what he did.
    Three other cyclist friends I know have been hit by vehicles who didn’t give way and had multiple injuries with life time effects.
    One cyclist friend I knew is dead by car who didn’t give way.

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