Fine time as bike passing laws kick in in Western Australia on November 30

Fine time as bike passing laws kick in - Fremantle Gazette, November 28, 2017

Fine time as bike passing laws kick in – Fremantle Gazette, November 28, 2017

The Western Australian safe passing laws came into effect in Western Australia on November 30, 2017. So please do share your experiences of riding under the new laws. Any evidence of improvements in behaviour?  Have you met Mr Trevor Plaisted on the road? 🙂

Referring to Mr Trevor Plaisted and his comments as published it seems across in all 17 of Community Newspaper Group’s mastheads it was with interest, that in the same week, is reporting on a study which finds Hi-Viz does not improve safety for bicycle riders. So from me, it is a resounding No Mr Plaisted.  No amount of hi-viz is going to make up for anyone’s poor driving skills or lack of care and consideration on our roads.

I written a quick reply to the Fremantle Gazette and the Western Suburbs Weekly.  Please do consider writing to at least your local Community Newspaper in response to Mr Peter Plaisted. They have a contact form you can use to quickly send a letter to the editor at your chosen publication.

With the greatest respect and genuine concern [Fine time as bike passing laws kick in, November 28, 2017], I suggest Mr Plaisted should seriously focus on his obesity concerns and worry less about a few seconds delay getting to the next set of traffic lights or how to move the steering wheel in his truck to change lanes.

Mr Plaisted if you cannot pass safely then yes you need to wait, just like you need to wait for those buses on Canning Highway. Your “inconvenience” [seriously is a few seconds really that a big an issue for you?] is no justification for bullying a person simply because they ride a bike.

As to the Hi-Viz comment: please ensure you focus on your driving and observing what is happening in front of you Mr Plaisted; that is a far smarter and beneficial safety feature.

In closing, I genuinely welcome the new safe passing laws and look forward to a safer environment for all road users, including Mr Plaisted.

Remember it is simply a matter of common sense, care and courtesy.


2 Responses to Fine time as bike passing laws kick in in Western Australia on November 30

  1. Ceci 1 December 2017 at 6:10 AM #

    These laws have been in place in NSW for quite a while now and there is nothing wrong with them. Yes, these laws do slow down traffic and, as a truckie, Mr Plaisted may have concerns about keeping delivery times.

    Having said that, a cyclist is no match at all to a car or a truck, like a car is no match to a truck. In a collision, cyclists and cars are flattened by a car or a truck! I always completely change lanes when seeing cyclists ahead, like they were a car, and also slow down (if possible), keeping an eye on other drivers though. This is important as on a number of occasions when I noticed a peloton ahead, changed lanes and slowed down to pass, an impatient driver behind me tried to overtake on the left, and then, noticing the peloton, had to slam the breaks. This is exceedingly dangerous for cyclists!

    I believe driver education campaigns also need to be implemented. When a driver ahead on a road without right turns changes lanes it is usually for a good reason.

    I have no idea what a cyclist feels when a car or a truck is passing at 80km/h but the wind pressure must be considerable and, personally, if I were the cyclist, I would be scared.

    I grew up in Europe and am amazed how inconsiderate and impatient Australian drivers are when it comes to cyclists. As a driver, I have been honked at and abused when driving at 15km/h behind a cyclist on a narrow winding road where it was just impossible to overtake. We have crawled up the Canning Hwy behind a cyclist and, yes, it can be frustrating but: What are a few minutes delay in a life time? To the majority of drivers it really does not matter at all arriving a few minutes later at the destination.

    A question for truck drivers: Why do so many truck drivers feel the need to tailgate when a car ahead is driving at the speed limit?

    • Aushiker 1 December 2017 at 8:21 AM #

      Thanks Ceci for your comments. I too don’t understand the behavior of some people when driving trucks and the close driving. I am struggling to understand how they could stop safely.

      Interesting when I completed my Chasing the Dirt Tour I found a noticeable difference in the behavior of people driving in country versus in the city. They where so much more courteous in the country.

      People driving trucks on the highways where also so more professional and often I had three trailer trucks changing lanes completely over to the other side to pass me safely so I struggle to understand Mr Plaisted attitude. They few times where it was not possible to make a safe pass the drivers would give me a quick toot on their horns well in advance so I could move over. More than happy to do so too as it was a simple matter of courtesy and working together for all to be safe.

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