Cycling in Australia only receives 1% of total road funding according to new research

Neerabup Road Underpass - {YBHT-10}

The second of the two underpassses on the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail. This one allows safe passage under Neerabup Road, within the Neerabup National Park.

Anthony Kimpton, Dorina Pojani, Jonathan Corcoran, and Neil Sipe have reported in The Feed (SBS Australia) that

new research has found that cycling and walking receive a tiny fraction of overall transport infrastructure funding in Australia. Researchers believe this is “unacceptable in a wealthy OECD country”.

They go on to suggest that …

Not only is this vision shortsighted, it is sexist, ageist and classist. Cars cost their owners more than A$300 per week on average. This limits travel options for youth, low-income people and women. These groups are already vulnerable to transport disadvantage, and failing to fund cycling and walking projects can make their situation worse.

The full post can be found in The Feed.

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