Bushwalking is the name given to the activity of hiking, tramping and rambling in Western Australia and for that matter Australia.  This page is a summary page of the bushwalking walk-reports and others resources which maybe of benefit to readers interested in a bushwalking here.

Western Australia is blessed with a number of regions which have good walking if one is willing to venture off-track as well we id we have three significant bushwalking trails in the south-west of Western Australia. I have separate blog posts all three walking of these bushwalking trails which are the:

For those that wish to venture further afield or into more unchartered areas I have also completed the following bushwalks which are of note:

  • Fitzgerald River National Park – Completed an eight day bushwalk from Four Mile Beach to Quaalup Homestead in April 2006
  • Nuyts Wilderness Walk Track, Walpole – Walked February 2009

Stepping outside of Western Australian I have also completed and end-to-end bushwalk of the Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory July 2005.  That bushwalk is written up at the link provided and I have also posted a review of John and Monica Chapman’s guidebook of the Trail, Larapinta Trail.

I was also involved in gear testing with My postings of hiking gear tests can be found by clicking here.

My Bushwalking and Bicycle Touring Gear List. It summaries the gear carried on bush walks and bicycle tours. Regularly updated.

For details on relevant resources (e.g., books, maps etc) which may be helpful in learning more about bushwalking in Western Australia please click through to my Bushwalking Resources page.

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