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The world of exploring our environment by shanks-pony (our feet). Also known as bushwalking, hiking, tramping and rambling, depending on where you live. Covers day walks and pack carries and topics that relate to bushwalking but don’t fit into the sub-categories.

Controversial suggestion to urbanise the Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track could celebrate the best of Perth reads the headline of the comment piece by Frank Roberts in the April 19, 2012 edition of the West Australian. Frank Roberts is Perth architect and planner according to the footnote to the article, but there is no mention of his experience as a bushwalker or what his experience is, if any is of bushwalking or the Bibbulmun Track, but it seems that Mr Roberts expertise as an architect and planner have encouraged him to share his vision on the Bibbulmun Track.

Ball Creek Bibbulmun Track

Ball Creek Campsite Bibbulmun Track

I am not sure what to make of Mr Robert’s opinion piece. I initially thought it might have been a call to extend the Bibbulmun Track though to the Walyunga National Park and then west connecting to the Coastal Plains Walk Trail and possibility on to the coast, but alas it is instead a suggestion of extending the Bibbulmun Track into the Perth CBD and then on to the coast.

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Penguin Island Visit

Its Friday, so a little off topic to finish off the working week. Back in January I had a chance to take Cameron for a quick visit to Penguin Island of the coast of Rockingham. We didn’t do the day visit thing but probably should have as there is opportunities to go body boarding, swimming as well as kayaking. Rather we took the tourist approach this time and went on a Wild Encounters Penguin and Sea Lions Cruise which worked about to be good value as Cameron enjoyed himself.

Penguin Island Discovery Centre

Penguin Island Discovery Centre

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BICYCLE TOURING NOTE: The Dung Beetle is Back!

Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle - Source: ABC

The dung beetle is back, well not until March 2012 so we will not see/feel the benefit until the summer of 2012/13, but at least there is a swipe-free future for the cycling tourist and bushwalker come 2012. I oh so hope they help with the blasted March fly as well.

The ABC is reporting that “scientists are hoping bushflies (sic) may be all but eradicated from Perth and the South-West under a new program to re-introduce dung beetles into the region. The dung beetle program was suspended over a decade ago.” Continue Reading →


EVENT: Walk over October

Walk Over October

Walk Over October encourages Western Australians to be active by walking for transport, health, recreation and the environment. The month is full of state-wide activities and events promoting walking. Walk Over October replaces the Walk Week which had been the walking promotion program for the past 10 years. Continue Reading →