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Discussion of bicycle gear and owner reviews of equipment that I use cycling, bicycle touring, bushwalking, hiking and camping. All owners reviews reflect Aushiker’s personal use of the equipment on the road, out in the bush and in camp.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Owner Review

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket

The Uniqlo Men’s Ultra Light Down Jacket – Item Code 156558 is a recent addition to my ultralight bikepacking system. It replaces a Outdoor Research Down Jacket which weighs in at 500 grams. The Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket with stuff sack weighs in at 266 grams (size large), a nice saving of 234 grams.  I may save a further 5.5 grams and more compression by swapping out the stuff sack for a Zpacks small cuben stuff sack.

Initially this is my first impressions on the jacket. I will update this post following further use.

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Surly Marge Lite and Salsa Hubs

Surly Marge Lite rims with Salsa Hubs built by Melody Wheels in North Fremantle

Surly Marge Lite rims with Salsa Hubs built by Melody Wheels in North Fremantle

Thanks to Adrian at Melody Wheels in North Fremantle the slow but progressing build of my Salsa Mukluk fatbike (bikepacking build) has taken another step.  I picked up a pair of Surly Marge Lite rims locally for a very nice price of $50.00 and my hubs, a Salsa Fat Conversion 150 front hub and a Salsa Mukluk 2 rear hub came with my Salsa Mukluk 2 frameset from  As I needed the wheels built up, I turned to Adrian at Melody Wheels. Adrian specialises in wheel-building and it shows in the quality of the build.  Adrian built the wheels up with Sapim Leader 14G spokes custom cut to 263mm.

There is something neat about a custom build 🙂

The next big question is what colour rim strips? Oh and do I try a ghetto tubeless setup? Well the rim strips will be black and yep I am doing a tubeless setup.



Salsa Mukluk Fatbike Build & Owner Review

Salsa Mukluk

Day 1: Esperance to Albany: The Unconventional Ride. Ready set go … Esperance foreshore before heading out on my 10 day 750 km ride from Esperance to Albany in Western Australia.

Salsa Mukluk by Salsa Cycles fatbike build has started 🙂  This post is about documenting the build of my Salsa Mukluk (2015) as a fatbike for duties as a dirt road touring bike, a bikepacking bike and for fun bike playing on the local trails. The Salsa Mukluk will replace my 2008 Giant XTC 2 which has been my off-road tourer. My touring preference is more dirt road than it is black top hence the decision to go with the Mukluk. I have also completed the Munda Biddi Trail and I am unlikely to ride it much again plus there is really not much else in the way of single track touring here in Western Australia so the Mukluk is more ideal for me than say the Surly Krampus.

Salsa describe the Mukluk as …

our exploration fatbike. It’s taken a few years, but folks are finally starting to understand that fatbikes aren’t just snow bikes or sand bikes—they’re mountain bikes! … Mukluk is only limited by your imagination. Free your mind, and the experiences shall follow. Mukluk. Destination: exploration.

At this stage I am in the build research phase which this post reflects. Once I have sold off my Look 555, the Giant XTC 2, the LoGo P-38 and my Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT the build will go to the next stage. Spending the dollars followed by the build and then bikepacking time 🙂  First trip planned is taking on the Holland Track – completed in September 2016.

My original plans had been to build and ride a Surly ECR 29+ but too much time online has led me down the path from the ECR to a Surly Puglsey/Krampus build (Krampug) to this point, a Salsa Mukluk.

I will update this blog post as I enjoy my bikepacking with the bike.

This blog post was last updated on November 11, 2017 and at 735 kilometres on the bike.

Latest updates in the hubs and setup for bikepacking sections of the post.

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