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Discussion of bicycle gear and owner reviews of equipment that I use cycling, bicycle touring, bushwalking, hiking and camping. All owners reviews reflect Aushiker’s personal use of the equipment on the road, out in the bush and in camp.

Ortlieb Panniers: What do the name means?

As an owner of Ortlieb panniers, Sport-Packer Plus front panniers and Bike-Packer Plus rear panniers I honestly hadn’t really considered what the names mean but clearly it was causing confusion somewhere as Ortlieb USA have published a nice little graphic explaining the pannier names. The only problem with their graphic is that they seem to have the Sport-Packer Plus panniers as rear panniers when these panniers are really front ones; they have a capacity of 30 litres compared to the Bike-Packer Plus, the rear panniers which have a capacity of 42 litres.  Anyway the chart is handy guide to your way around Ortlieb panniers despite this little error. Continue Reading →


LoGo P-38 Recumbent Bicycle Owner Review

LoGo P-38 with Angletech Aerotrunk III

LoGo P-38 with Angletech Aerotrunk III

A little while back I the opportunity arose to test ride a locally built LoGo P-38, a sort of clone or copy of a Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38 recumbent bicycle. My “LoGo P-38” as I call it, was built by Martin Arnold of LoGo Trikes fame. Given the cost of purchasing a “real” Lightning Cycles P-38 ex the USA is very expensive, even a frame is around US$2,200 + shipping + GST, the opportunity to purchase a locally built variant which rides well, was too good an opportunity to miss and so I now own my second recumbent, a LoGo P-38.

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Fly6 Bicycle Rear HD Camera & Tail Light: A Recumbent Rider’s View

Fly6 Bicycle Rear HD Camera and Tail Light The Fly6 Bicycle Rear HD Camera and Tail Light by Fly Lites is a combination 720 HD x 30 FPS high-definition video camera packaged up with a flashing rear tail-light designed for mounting on the seat post of bicycles.  This review is of a 5th generation advanced prototype of the Fly6 and was provided by Fly Lites for the purpose of this review. My thanks to Andrew and Kingsley for the opportunity to play with their rather neat camera and light combination. Continue Reading →


SRAM RED 22 & SRAM SB 700 Hydraulic Bicycle Brakes Safety Recall

SRAM RED 22 Hydraulic  Brake Recall

SRAM RED 22 or SRAM SB 700 hydraulic road disc brakes or hydraulic road rim brakes have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia in-cooperation with SRAM LLC due to an issue with the master piston seal being unable to prevent ingestion of air into the system under certain field conditions, which reduces the ability of the system to generate braking pressure, and can lead to brake failure..

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