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Geocaching with a Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS logo

My preferred mode of transport recreationally are my bicycles and hence I like to, where possible add a little geocaching or Munzee capturing into the mix on my recreational rides. Whilst I do at times use my new Garmin Oregon 600 mounted to my bike or use my Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, but as I already have the Garmin Edge 810 on my bike and in use I thought I would see how it goes as a geocaching GPS. Therefore this post is about what I have learnt about the Edge 810 as a geocaching GPS.

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Geocaching: Helena Pipehead Dam

Haven’t done much geocaching this year, well post January trip to New Zealand so was good to get out today, even it if was just a maintenance visit to my geocache, Helena Pipehead Dam. Still good to get a walk in along the Helena Pipehead Walk trail, albeit only the lower section along the dam. Nice out there but and a good work out for Cameron 🙂

Oh, the cache is all repaired and back in good condition.


Geocaching Ride – Anti-Micro-Otics

I had to repair my geocache, Anti-Micro-Otics so decided it was time I started using the bike for these closer caches. This was a nice 31 km return trip from Churchlands via Claremont through to Mosman Park. Nice riding amongst the rich and famous. The route is below.<a href=”″>Monument Park – Anti-Micro-Otics</a><br/><a href=””>Find more Bike Rides in Churchlands, Australia</a>Whilst the cache location needs some serious cleaning up (really surprising given the Council is not exactly short of cash) it is still worth visiting for the 360 degree views from the obelisk.

I used the Garmin Edge 305’s course feature to “direct” me along the way. I first created the route in and then saved as a course which I then uploaded to the Edge using Garmin’s Training Manager. Worked well. My only problem was I used the Edge to mark the new hiding place for the cache and it wasn’t till I got home that I realised it does not show the coordinates for waypoints! A bit of a work around using OziExplorer resolved this little dilemma.