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Munda Biddi Trail – Mundaring to Albany – An Overview

Having ridden the Munda Biddi Trail from end-to-end unsupported I thought it was time to summarise in one post the Munda Biddi Trail and to hopefully provide a useful quick and dirty guide.

(Updated June 29, 2017 – Add link to download the GPX file for the Munda Biddi Trail)


The Munda Biddi Trail is a 1,000 kilometre long distance cycling trail, described by the Munda Biddi Foundation as a “nature-based off-road cycling experience”. Unfortunately the marketing department at the Munda Biddi Foundation has let the truth get in the way in my view and this description really does not reflect the reality of the Trail which is more a mix of some single-track, a lot of forestry and country dirt roads and a fair amount of bitumen riding; not quite the nature-based off-road cycling experience suggested by the Foundation. Please don’t get me wrong but; there is some great riding to be had on the Trail, but it is not all off-road or a necessarily a great experience. More so south of Collie where the rush to spend the Royalties for Regions funding before the 2013 state election got in the way of good trail building.

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Coalfields to Orchards – Munda Biddi Trail

Riding the Munda Biddi Trail from the coalfields of Collie to the orchards of Donnybrook sees my ticking off a section end-to-end of the Trail.  My ride of the Trail from Collie to Donnybrook in November 2013 was the final ride in my effort to complete a section end-to-end of the Munda Biddi Trail. I first road the Mundaring to Collie section back in April 2008 when that was all there was of the Trail, and then I attempted to complete the Nannup to Collie section in July 2011 but only made Donnybrook. In July 2013 I headed off again to ride from Albany to Collie but only made Donnybrook!  This time I have started in Collie riding to Donnybrook; I am not letting Donnybrook jinx me again!

(Updated July 25, 2014)

Giant XTC 2 at the Munda Biddi Trail Collie Trailhead

Giant XTC 2 at the Munda Biddi Trail Collie Trailhead

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Munda Biddi Trail – Albany to Donnybrook – July 2013

Munda Biddi Trail end-to-end once again not to be.  Now that the Munda Biddi Trail is “completed” from Mundaring to Albany the opportunity was there for me to tick off an end-to-end by completing the Albany to Collie section and hence I headed off in July 2013 with this in mind. Alas the Munda Biddi Trail was to once again foil my plans at Donnybrook and I still have yet to complete the last two days of riding between Donnybrook and Collie. I completed the Mundaring to Collie section in April 2008 and previously rode from Nannup to Donnybrook in July 2011 but still have this short section between Donnybrook and Collie to complete.

(Updated July 25, 2014)

Munda Biddi Trail - Southern Terminus

This blog post is about my ride of the Munda Biddi Trail from Albany to Donnybrook in July 2013 and is also a bit of an overview of the Trail in this area.

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