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Riverside Drive PSP Diversion – Perth CBD

 Riverside-Drive PSP Diversion

Riverside-Drive PSP Diversion

Mainroads have released this an updated route map.

With the changes all traffic (read motorised at the moment) has been permanently diverted via Barrack Street (home of new bicycle lanes), The Esplanade and William Street, however, until late February 2014, cyclists can stay on their current route through the Elizabeth Quay as shown in the map above.

If you want further information about the Riverside Drive PSP Diversion please visit Mainroads Perth CBD Roadworks page or call their Customer Information Centre on 138 138.

What is your experience with the Riverside Drive PSP Diversion?

Please share your experiences and thoughts on the Riverside Drive PSP Diversion in the comments box below. Going from the discussion on ABC 720 on Tuesday there seemed to be a fair  bit of confusion with Mainroads not putting place appropriate signage for cyclists.


Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes in the City of Perth

Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes

The City of Perth has developed a proposal to temporarily ‘re-purpose’ the now redundant bus lane in Barrack Street, Perth as an on-road bi-directional bicycle lane, the Barrack Street Bicycle Lanes. If approved the temporary lanes would be installed in late March 2014 and stay in place until early 2015, when the City of Perth plans to install permanent bicycle lanes. It has only taken them four years … I blogged on Barrack Street back in 2010!

The City of Perth is currently seeking your say on its plans. If you would like to have a say on the Barrack Street bicycle lanes please send an email to the City of Perth at The opportunity to comment closes on February 7, 2014.

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Perth’s Principal Shared Paths Neglected till at least 2017

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane

Thanks to the Bicycle Transport Alliance who have posted a map of the scheduled construction program for Perth’s Principal Shared Paths out to 2017. Looking at the map posted by the Bicycle Transport Alliance the state of development of our Principal Shared Paths [PSP] are not looking good for the foreseeable future.  It seems that the current government is a greater fan of congestion than it is of sustainable alternative transport.

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North Fremantle Gets PSP Bicycle Lane Connector

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane

North Fremantle PSP Bicycle Lane Connecting North Fremantle Train Station to Tydeman Road *

A small step in the continued development of the Fremantle – Perth Principal Shared Path (PSP) has taken place recently with the completion of the shared path between the North Fremantle train station and Pearse Street – Tydeman Road in North Fremantle.

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