Giant CRX 1 500 km Service – September 2010

Giant-CRX1-009 This posting details a regular 500 km winter/spring of my Giant CRX 1 commuter. This service was done at the 11,109 km.

This service consisted of:

  1. Cleaning the chain using a Park Tools CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber. Once it was clean I applied Rock and Roll Gold chain lube;
  2. Checking of chain wear with a Park Tools CC-3 Chain Wear indicator.  The KMC X10 10 speed chain is showing signs of wear at 3,635 km with the gauge reading 0.75;
  3. Checking the tension on all bolts and screws on the bicycle. All good;
  4. Cleaning the bike with Nu Finish Car wash with pure orange oil;
  5. Removal and reinstallation of the pedals – pre-emptive move to stop them tightening up.  The right-hand Shimano M505 pedal bearings are rough so looking at replacing these pedals. These pedals where fitted from new if I recall correctly so around 11,000 km of use.
  6. Checking the condition of brake pads;
  7. Deflating the tyres and checking for wear levels, cuts and embedded foreign objects, e.g., glass. Pick-up embedded foreign objects to minimise likelihood of punctures. The front Continental GP4000s had a few cuts with glass embedded.

There ends this service.

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