Incidents involving Motorists

This page summaries/documents the incidents I have experienced riding my bicycles since 2013. They are a mix of incidents that have been reported to the WA Police and those that have simply been “vented” to YouTube and/or I am documenting due to the ongoing discussions about cyclists “behaviour”, e.g. red light running and hence showing the other side to speak.  As of June 2013 I am really pleased to be able to add a notable examples of considerate driving section where I am sharing videos of really notable considerate driving. These are examples of driving that made me “stand up and notice” the driving. A big shout-out and thank you to those drivers.

Notable Examples of Considerate Driving

These short video grabs just show how easy it is to be considerate, to be safe and to not intimidate and threaten others just to save a few seconds, so a big thank-you to these drivers.

  1. Ocean Reef Out Of School Hours Care, OROOSH – Considerate driving at a normally dangerous roundabout – video here
  2. WA Salt Supply driver decides to hang back give lots of room instead of shooting for a MGIF – It is much appreciated – August 2013
  3. You can pass cyclists safety – Qube Logistics Proves It

Must Get in Front (MGIF) of that Cyclist

Must get in front (MGIF) is another common complaint of cyclists about motorists behaviour. It is so often experienced by cyclists approaching intersections. Is there a prize or something for being first to the red light? You would think so given the behaviour of some motorists whose actions so often put vulnerable road users at risk.

  1. 1BUZ 122 versus “Idiot Cyclist” – Less than pleasant interaction – Added January 2014
  2. 2014-JAN 09 – IBIS-165 Urgent Need to Get to the Roundabout First – Added January 2014
  3. L-Plate Driver – Unsafe Passing – Online Police Report Made – 1DXK805
  4. Road Safety Incident – Police Report – 1EBV421

Red Lights – Which is more Dangerous? Cyclists or Motorists?

Cyclists are often cited as being “evil” for running red lights, yet we spend considerable amounts of public money installing red light cameras. Why is that? Is it because of cyclists or is it because of motorists? How many cyclists have seriously injured or killed motorists or their passengers or pedestrians when running red lights? Now ask the question … how many motorists have achieved the same low numbers?  Whilst I am not a fan of running red lights and argue that cyclists need to obey the law I do feel the reactions over this behaviour is often over the top.  It is simply a failure to reconcile the real issue here … motorists, who have drivers licenses, who have registration (and I am one) are the ones inflicting serious injures on people, are the ones killing people.

Interesting the recent report of South Australian serious incidents involving cyclists, only 1% came about because of cyclists running a red light and around 79% of the incidents where the fault of motorists.

  1. June 11, 2013 – BW James Transport truckk – Made no effort to stop for the red light
  2. May 28, 2013 – Vehicle Registration 1CUT001 – Interesting case study of red light running
  3. May 22, 2013 – Transperth (Veolia Transport) and Stop Signs or are they Go signs?


Roundabouts are in my view one of the worst sort of intersections for cyclists and the one type of intersection that Council engineers seem to favour for traffic management … I guess traffic management is more important that the lives of members of the community.

The purpose of this page is to summarise the incidents that I as just one cyclist experience with roundabouts in 2013. Some of these incidents have been reported to the Police and some haven’t. I guess it comes down to a call as to which I think are worth the trouble of reporting. Irrespective of my decision to report or otherwise they still show stupid and dangerous driving … driving will so little gain, but a lot to potentially lose.

  1. 1DYY206 – High Street Roundabout – Not reported to WA Police
  2. May 22, 2013 – Vehicle Registration 1ATU 515 – West View Boulevard intersection – Not reported to the WA Police.
  3. February 26, 2013 – Vehicle Registration 1DKZ887 – Warren Way intersection – Not reported to the WA Police.
  4. February 11, 2013 – Vehicle Registration KBC 8459 – Reported to the Western Australian Police – Advised March 1, 2013 that a Traffic Infringement Notice was issued to the driver for failure to give way.

Close Passing – 1.5 metres please

Close passing, shaving as it is so often referred to is a very dangerous practice which not only puts cyclists seriously at risk but is also very intimidating and completely unnecessary. Recent South Australian research shows that 11% of motorist – cyclist interactions where a result of failing to maintain a safe distance.  It is not hard to pass safely with adequate clearance at a safe speed. Whilst there is a call for a minimum safe passing distance in Western Australia, the vulnerable road user representative on the Road Safety Council, the RAC does not support it which makes it harder to get it implemented.  Therefore these videos are here to show the sort of driving that the RAC considers safe; the same driving which puts lives at risk.

  1. June 10, 2013 – Centurion Semi-Trailer – Cockburn Road, Coogee

Mobile Phones and Driving

The Western Australian police in December 2013 outfitted some police officers on un-marked motorbikes with helmet cams to record and prosecute motorists using mobile phones whilst driving.  In January 2014 I have started listing here are my recorded illustrations of motorists using mobile phones whilst driving. Where I have clear vision I will be reporting these incidents via the WA Police unlawful road incident online reporting website.

  1. 2014-01 – Commodore – Female Driver – Mobile Phone – Wrong Side of the Road

Other Incidents of Interest

  1. 1DIN599 – Please Look for CyclistsAdded January 2014
  2. WA 232??? – Where is the lane again?Added January 2014
  3. 1DPP-232 versus Cyclist – WA Police Report – Added January 2014
  4. 2014 Jan 09 – Turning Lane? Seems Not
  5. Motorist of the Year (Not) – 2013-02 – How to be Indecisive
  6. Motorist of the Year (Not) – 2013-01 – How to Morph into a Bus
  7. 1DGS 186 – Sharing the bicycle lane
  8. 1CGM 949 SMIDSY – [Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You] Northbound on West Coast Drive
  9. Nice parking by 1DXL131 – Nothing serious, just a humorous parking incident

Silly Cyclist Series

This series of posts reflects some of the silly things that I have observed cyclists doing that have put others in danger or the have the potential to do so.  Incidents that we can all learn from.

  1. Silly Cyclist 2014-02 – Sunset Coast Regional Shared Path – Added February 2014
  2. Silly Cyclist 2014-01 – Failure to Stop at Stop Sign
  3. Silly Cyclist 2013-08 – Share the Path Please
  4. Silly Cyclist 2013-07 – Red-light jumping
  5. Silly Cyclist 2013-06 – No hands taking a photo
  6. Silly Cyclist 2013-05 – Cutting the corner
  7. Silly Cyclist 2013-04 – Safe passing on shared paths
  8. Silly Cyclist 2013-03 – Safe Passing on shared paths
  9. Silly Cyclist 2013-02 – Mobile phones and riding
  10. Silly Cyclist 2013-01 – Passing on a blind corner on the recreational shared path south of Scarborough Beach
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