Mr Frank Granger of Applecross Calls for a Cycle Curfew – Fremantle Gazette and Fremantle Herald

Mr Frank Granger of Applecross is known in some cycling circles in Perth as a “serial letter writer” with a dislike for people riding bicycles.  This letter in the Fremantle Gazette of November 14, 2017 and also in the Fremantle Herald of November 18, 2017 is one such example of his writing.

THERE has been a lot of discussion about cyclists on the road. It is my opinion that not all cyclists should be allowed on the road. There should be a minimum age for a person to ride on the road. Cyclists should not be on the road until an hour after daylight to an hour before dark, no matter whether they have lights on their bike or not. Some busy roads, particularly those with trucks or heavy traffic, should not allow cyclists at all. Most road accidents involving a cyclist and a motor vehicle usually happen early morning or late afternoon. Local councils spend thousands of dollars building excellent bike paths to keep cyclists safe. It all gets down to common sense.

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Cyclists Action Must Also Be Policed Says Denise S Cahill, Editor, Fremantle Gazette


The above opinion piece, was penned by Ms Denise S. Cahill, Regional Editor at the Community Newspaper Group [a News Corporation masthead which it seems reflects News Corporation ethos] and published in the Fremantle Gazette [and possibly other Community Newspaper publications] on November 7,2017. I felt such an ill-informed commentary couldn’t go unanswered and hence posted the following response on the Fremantle Gazette’s website.  I have since written a reply to a letter by Mr Frank Granger of Applecross a known disliker of bicycle riders and a serial letter writer. Interesting that letter has not been published by the Fremantle Gazette. Have I upset Ms Denise S. Cahill? 🙂

For the record I am publishing my response to Ms Denise S. Cahill as I don’t believe such a view can go without a response, more so in a world of false facts.

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