Route 7 Bike Shorts (Knicks) Owner Review

Replacement Route 7 Bike Shorts - Imaged sourced from Torpedo 7

Replacement Route 7 Bike Shorts - Imaged sourced from Torpedo 7

Torpedo7 recently had some bike shorts (knicks) on special for $29.95. They where their own brand, Route 7 Sport Bike Shorts model number R7SHLN8ST. I have now worn these shorts for about 150 km and have to say that I am disappointed with them. I didn’t expect top of the range knicks but did expect reasonable ones that would be okay for rides up 20 km or so. I wouldn’t be keen on wearing these on rides in excess of 10 km and that is pretty much what I use them for now.

I have found them to fit okay, I have the XL size which is slightly tight around the legs, but my problem is the chamois which is just too narrow for my rear end. Such that I get really no support from them unless I really make an effort to get them positioned correctly and then I get borderline support.

Update – September 16, 2008: I returned the knicks to Torpedo 7 and have now received a replacement pair. These appear to a new design with white seams/pipping. Initial use is positive.

Update – September 1, 2008: While these knicks are still in rotation, they are showing signs of wear, with the threads coming away at the front.  I need to make a decision as to whether to get them repaired or retired. I may actually return them to Torpedo 7 as this shouldn’t happen.  I feel that for the dollars there are better knicks on the market.

Update – May 27, 2008: I now have had about 144 hours on the bike since I brought these knicks and I still have them in my rotation, albeit on reduced duties. I have settled into wearing these knicks on my shorter local rides (10 km or less) and they are fine for that. I prefer to not use them on longer rides as I don’t find them comfortable.

Update – May 30, 2008: Wore them yesterday and noticed that there are threads that are starting to come undone. I guess you pay for what you get.

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