Surly Long Haul Trucker Service – February 2010

Sir Lancelot, my Surly Long Haul Trucker received a service today at 5,721 km.  It has been 1,449 km since the last service which is a lot more than ideal. A full service history can be found here.

This service consisted of:

  1. Wiping down the chain and re-lubing with an application of Rock and Roll Gold chain lube;
  2. Checking of chain wear with a Park Tools CC-3 Chain Wear indicator.  The chain is showing wear at the 0.75 point so a new chain will be fitted at the next service;
  3. Checking the tension on all bolts and screws on Sir Lancelot. Found a couple of screws showing signs of loosening, so glad I do this;
  4. Cleaning the bike with Nu Finish Car wash with pure orange oil;
  5. Checked the 700x28C Continental Grand Prix 4-Season V tires for glass and wear. All looking good.

All looks good and I will give Sir Lancelot another work over before going on tour in April, 2010.

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