A Slight Decline in Cyclists Killed in past 12 months

Fifty six cyclists have died on our roads during the past 12 months. Families suffering the grief of lost ones. How many more families need to suffer before we take responsibility? Fifty six cyclists, whilst a thankful decline of two less cyclists killed compared to the 12 months to June 2014 is still a 43.6% increase compared to the 12 months ended July 2013.

Road Deaths Toll Cyclists Killed

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics publishes monthly, a summary report on road deaths in Australia. This issue is dated July 2014. The full summary report is available from my Dropbox.

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Are Cyclist-Drivers Better for Cyclists Road Safety?

It is a common belief or view often expressed in cycling forums that more cyclists riding means greater awareness amongst motorists and hence greater safety for cyclists. This also by extension would suggest that as the number of people cycling increases, more drivers will also be cyclists, i.e., cyclist-drivers and therefore will give greater consideration to cyclists when driving.

Munda Biddi Trail - Cyclist-Drivers

A recent Australian paper published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention investigates the veracity of this belief and found via an online survey that cyclists who are also drivers were 1.5 times more likely than non-cycling drivers to report safe driving behaviours related to sharing the roads with cyclists.

This suggests that more people cycling means more cyclist-drivers which is a safety benefit for people riding bicycles, but it leaves the issue of non-cycling drivers roads safety attitudes towards cyclists.

The Key Conclusion – Cyclist-Drivers and Cyclist Road Safety

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Cyclists are at fault in the majority of serious crashes involving a car

or are they?  Cyclists are at fault in the majority of serious crashes involving a car is the opening statement in an article written by Calla Wahlquist, Police reporter for Perth Now and published on May 30, 2014 on the Perth Now website.

Is this correct? Well my analysis of the source document suggests otherwise … In fact I argue that the fault attribution for crashes involving motorists and cyclists is closer to 56% the fault of motorists and 36% the fault of cyclists, not as reported by Ms Calla Wahlquist.

$315,000 Payout to Cyclist Hit by Ute Driver

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