Front Disc Pads Replacement – TRP Spyke

Holland Track Day 2: A typical trail marker was found where the track crosses a granite outcrop.

Having done 1,700 kilometres on the Salsa Mukluk, it was time to replace the pads in the bike’s TRP Spyke front disc brakes: Their thickness was less than the specified 1 mm. The pads are compatible with Shimano B01S pads. I am unsure which pads TRP fitted as standard, so I cannot comment further on their wear.

I replaced them with Swiss Stop Disc 15 E. Yep, eBike pads just because, for some reason, I had a set on hand. It will be interesting to see how they wear on an acoustic bike.

The process of replacing the pads and adjustment was really straightforward. Just google for videos on replacing the pads in the TRP Sypre brakes (the Spyre is the road version of the Spykes). The process is the same.


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