Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyres Rolling Resistance


One of my go-to sites to keep up with bicycle tyre developments is Bicycle Rolling Resistance which is a cool site that tests the rolling resistance of tyres and allows comparisons as well.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre is their latest test. It grab my attention as I was not aware the Goodyear are into bicycle tyres, but apparently they are and they can be brought in Australia.

Their conclusion, however, was not that positive, commenting:

We had high hopes the Goodyear Eagle F1 would be something special, but the reality is it doesn’t stand a chance against the competition in our tests. Rolling resistance is quite high, tread puncture resistance slightly below the all-round average, weight isn’t spectacular, tread width is also borderline for an all-round tire. The good parts are that it is very easy to inflate, holds air well, and the sidewalls are quite tough.

We rate this tire 3.0 out of 5 which is still recommended. We do think the Eagle F1 can be a good tire as long as you don’t buy it with the expectation that this is one of the fastest road bike tires out there. The easy inflation with a floor pump is also something some manufacturers should look into.

To read the full test and support Bicycle Rolling Resistance click the link.

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Old Traffic Bridge or Stirling Highway Bridge into Fremantle?

Not to be missed


If the report in the Fremantle Gazette, Fremantle Mayor deflates push for bikes to use alternate route when commuter cycling path reaches port city is anything to go by it seems Main Roads is up to old tricks again, doing its damnedest to undermine any form of transport other than by motor vehicle. It seems that Main Roads would like to force bicycle riders to take the roundabout route into Fremantle from the north, forcing them to divert to the Stirling Highway bridge and then back along Canning Highway to get into the port city. All the while of course still having to negotiate Tydeman Road and the heavy port traffic, Stirling Bridge which does not have great pedestrian or bicycling riding infrastructure and then to top it all off, there is Canning Highway to deal with.

FREMANTLE Mayor Brad Pettitt has punctured any push for bikes to use anything other than a direct route when a commuter cycling path reaches his port city from Cottesloe potentially in three years.

“I’m happy for the order of construction, and the way the path is coming to Fremantle, but it should be understood it should absolutely connect up with central Fremantle,” Dr Pettitt said, answering any move to have the principal shared path (PSP) cross the Swan River upstream at Stirling Bridge.

A feasibility study will now start to get the PSP over the Swan River into Fremantle in 2020-21, sparking some cycling lobbyists to suggest using spare funds from the High Street-Stirling Highway upgrade near Stirling Bridge, which may cost half of its allotted $113 million.

Why do this, when a simple solution is clip-on a pedestrian/cycling path to the existing railway bridge over Tydeman Road and Swan River. What a great experience that would be riding into the city over the river on a dedicated cycling path? As a bonus bicycle riders and pedestrians would even be able to cross Tydeman Road without putting their lives at risk. Imagine that!

Have a view the best option to reach Fremantle from the north? Please let the Minister for Transport, The Honourable Rita Saffioti know your views. You can contact her via Facebook, Twitter or via mail or email.  Please also let The Honourable Ms Simone McGurk MLA, Member for Fremantle know your views as well. Ms McGurk can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter or email/mail.


ATM Camera Shack Owner Review

ATM Camera Shack - 001

Andrew The Maker (ATM) Camera Shack fitted to a Salsa Mukluk.

Is the ATM Camera Shack with magnetic catch just the bees knees for carrying a Micro Four-Thirds or mirrorless or DSLR camera on your bike? Well it might be. So far so good for me with my bikepacking Salsa Mukluk and my currently preferred bikepacking camera kit, an Olympus E-M5 Mark II with a Olympus M.Zuiko 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 I. I have the Camera Shack mounted to the right of the stem on my Jones H-Bar as you can see above. Continue Reading →


Cycling in Australia only receives 1% of total road funding according to new research

Neerabup Road Underpass - {YBHT-10}

The second of the two underpassses on the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail. This one allows safe passage under Neerabup Road, within the Neerabup National Park.

Anthony Kimpton, Dorina Pojani, Jonathan Corcoran, and Neil Sipe have reported in The Feed (SBS Australia) that

new research has found that cycling and walking receive a tiny fraction of overall transport infrastructure funding in Australia. Researchers believe this is “unacceptable in a wealthy OECD country”.

They go on to suggest that …

Not only is this vision shortsighted, it is sexist, ageist and classist. Cars cost their owners more than A$300 per week on average. This limits travel options for youth, low-income people and women. These groups are already vulnerable to transport disadvantage, and failing to fund cycling and walking projects can make their situation worse.

The full post can be found in The Feed.